July 27, 2011

Kissin' the Bricks

Jimmie Johnson kisses the bricks in 2008, one of
three career wins in the Brickyard 400. (Getty)
The Indianapolis 500 is the most historic race in America, with this past May's race marking the 100th running of the event.

NASCAR's history at the track doesn't date back nearly as long.  It was only in 1994 that it began racing the Brickyard 400.  However, the prestige is still there.

INDYCAR or NASCAR.  The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is still the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

July 26, 2011

Busch's 100 - A Love for Racing

Kyle Busch celebrates at NHMS after
his 100th NASCAR win. (NHMS/HHP)
Kyle Busch has won 100 major NASCAR races.  Period.

He hasn't won 100 Cup races, he's only won 22 and sits sixth among active drivers, in that regard.  He's nowhere near Richard Petty's record 200 Cup wins or David Pearson's 105, but he's won 100 races.
People are quick to discredit Busch's feat because it hasn't all come at the Cup level.  Yet, what everyone seems to be missing is that Busch, himself, has never asked you to view his accomplishment in the same arena.

He just asks you respect his passion and ability as a race car driver.

July 19, 2011

The Athletics of Auto Racing

Jimmie Johnson responds to questions about
Golden Tate's disparaging tweets. (NHMS/HHP)
This past weekend was my first time in the hot pass areas of the garage and pits of a NASCAR race.
There was a lot in the infield.  Haulers, stock cars, tires, drivers, pit crew members and whole lot more, but one thing I didn't see much of: fat guys.

NASCAR is a sport that requires significant athletic ability; there's just no place for the overweight in a garage.

July 6, 2011

This is Sparta!

No, not this kind of Sparta! (LAtimes.com)

Not so much the one in all the ancient epics, like 300 or Troy, to name a few overly majestic and under-acted films that probably missed the point.

In this case, Sparta, Kentucky, which will host its first ever Sprint Cup Series race this coming weekend.
The Quaker State 400 might be misnamed, as it's nearly 300 miles from the actual "Quaker State" of Pennsylvania.  However, by all other measurements, this race should be a huge success.

July 5, 2011

NASCAR Fandom for "Dummies"

Prepare wisely for the amount of people
 that will be at NHMS. (NASCAR/HHP)
Some of you out there could probably give me a lesson on all the places to go and do's and do not's for NASCAR weekends here in Loudon.  If you're one of those people, please feel free to leave a comment below with your gold nugget of advice.

However, others of you might be green to the NASCAR experience.  This might be your first time heading to the race or your first time at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  Or, perhaps, you're just looking for ways to better experience the weekend.

Here's a quick checklist and guide for "dummies" as you prepare for the trip to N.H.